Because silver never goes out of style.

What's Different About AGX Tokens?

We created a platform that levels the playing field in metal ownership. When you purchase AGX Class B tokens there are no storage fees, no recurring standard broker fees, and no margin accounts requirements. We eliminated many of the barriers to precious metals ownership, and we are pretty excited about it. Our class A Tokens have a quarterly dividend feature and represent an equity position in the company.

Read the whitepaper to find out how our platform works.

All silver bullion purchases are accomplished through a US based licensed precious metals dealer with 160 years history in the industry.

AGX Inc. is the creator of the AGX Class A dividend token and Class B silver backed token, an Ethereum based Token project with Class B tokens fully backed by a reliable store of value. The underlying asset for the project is Silver.

Our initial security token offering will be 82,200,000 Class A dividend bearing tokens. Each AGX Class B token is backed by one Troy ounce of .999 fine silver held in the U.S. at a COMEX approved vault storage facility.

The price of the our Class B token is determined by the market price of silver as quoted by our contracted supplier upon purchase.

All Class B token silver is audited and fully insured. Physical silver may be redeemed at anytime, and all transactions are completed through a U.S. licensed precious metals dealer.

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James Lightman


William Bougas


Nick Ashton

Development, Compliance

Bogdan Fiedur

Lead Developer

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CFO Advisor

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Technical Consultant

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Attorneys / Lead Counsel

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